Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blog already will you!?

I'm all about letting you here interesting stories from when I perform, keeping you informed of exciting things in my more personal life and more... and after several wonderful people encourging me to explore the ease of updating info and sharing stories and insight with a Blog, I'm off and rolling!

SO thanks to Beau Kramer, Mike Larson, Katin Imes, David Pascolla, Allyson Magda locally and endless others out of the area... for the support and encouragement.

Now back to ME! ;) I've moved the section from my site called News and added a couple of the entries to the blog and just dumped the rest for now... THIS is acutally my first Blog! I don't feel any different yet... well, a little tingling in my left foot...

Today, we uploaded most of the new site as well... lots of changes and updates... new art, new consistent themes, more search engine stuff. I look forward to future Blogs with insight and exciting stories.

Best, RF