Friday, August 19, 2011

The Kinetic King Americas Got Talent

If you've watched America's Got Talent, you've certainly seen some amazing, dangerous, wacky, strange and horrible acts! I'm not sure where I'd put the inventive and unique Kinetic King. AGT talent is putting him in the Variety Act category.
The Kinetic King on NBC's AGT

Tim Fort AKA Kinetic King and Rich Ferguson

To the untrained eye, kinetic gadgets are gnarly chain-reaction devices that collapse and explode in, like, really cool ways. When you look closer, not only can these gadgets collapse and explode in many ways, but they can play music tunes and have animation in them. I'm not sure how that art can ever be a full evening show, but it's pretty darn cool and Tim Fort seems like a heck of a guy as well.  Check The Kinetic King's website with a tagline of "Tim-Space Disontinuum".

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