Saturday, November 19, 2011

Record Setter Book of World Records

Having several World Records is something everyone should have! You do not have to be the fastest runner, solve the Rubik's Cube the fastest or roll a coin on your knuckles the fastest...  If you don't happen to have that type of skill, make something else up! Record Setter accepts anything as long as it is quantifiable, beatable and you show video proof.

Here's s clip of me on FOX News demonstrating one of my records.

I had blast this week at Record Setter's Live Book Tour. My particular appearance was when they hit L.A. At each city, 10 guests demonstrated their unique talents. Some were mainstream and competitive while others were wacky and fun. Although I had a massive fumble, I broke one of my previous records by one with 62 rolls with my finger ring. Other participants included Jeff Rubin from College Humor beating level one in Mario Brothers while naming over 45 Mario games(I'm a new huge fan of his!)! Another contestant, a writer for the Colbert Report, ate the most bologna "faces" as she bit out the eyes and mouths from a stack of bologna in a minute! The most unusual had to be Joselyn Hughes, writer for Tosh.0 with her most "bitch slaps" (or "backhands" as she had to call it with kids in the audience) of random food items tossed at her in a minute. Many other "celebrity" guests demonstrated some wacky skills that night!
With the Founders Dan and Corey after the live event. (Dan is very tall!)

Want to get a cool book as a gift? Check out this link: The RecordSetter Book of World Records. It will take you to Amazon where you might find a nice discount on the book! Speaking of books, I'll plug my magic book while I'm at it: Tricks to Pick Up Chicks: Magic Tricks, Lines, Bets, Scams and Psychology

As always, please consider bringing me in for your next exclusive private party or corporate event! Hiring "The Ice Breaker" to interact with your special guests makes your event unique, fun and memorable!

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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