Thursday, November 25, 2010

PrimeMates Movie Magic...

Once again, I got to run to the Digital Film Festival after other performances and meet some of the most creative people from around the globe. From musician and composers to actors and directors, the Digital Film Festival has something for everyone.

The highlight of the 4-day event was likely the movie "PrimeMates"- directed and written by Rudy Luna. Starring in the movie was the charming Joe Estevez. This movie was about the psychological side of our natures... especially men's "behaviors" towards life, womanizing, faithfulness, sacrifice and so much more. However, it was done in such a creative and fun format, that you forgot that you were learning. It was real movie magic to create a story around a topic of discussion. Instead of a dry documentary of a talking head behind a desk, this setting is a cigar bar with a reunion of several guys talking about life. One is a womanizer, another is faithfully married, another is a psychologist and Joe plays the glue between them all. Actors Ethan Phillips (Star Trek Voyager), Will Wallace, Joe Estevez and Leo Rossi did a steller job at sucking us into a conversation and journey into the subconscious minds of men and women. The men begin to share stories nobody else knows, opinions about why people do the things they do and much more.

Without giving the ending away, lets just say that I can promise that many women will be uncomfortable and a often roll their eyes until the end of this movie... at which point they will cry and see that there is so much more than meets the eye to men and our "primal" behaviors and choices we make. Soon after, they will fall in love with this writer and director and take back the many misguided thoughts they certainly had for the first hour;)

The night started off for me arriving after a corporate event in Santa Barbara. As soon as I walked up, the director of the Digital Film Festival introduced me to Joe Estevez and Rudy Luna as we walked into the VIP tent. Right away, I liked both these men for their charm, humor and love of magic! We had some time to relax and talk about all sort of aspects of psychology and body language. I gathered from the director of PrimeMates that I was going to enjoy this film... and I certainly did. It was a nice treat for me to perform magic backstage for the guys as well!  Pictured here is Ruby Luna, Kerry Wallum, Joe Estevez (from the Sheen clan), Benford Stanley and Rich Ferguson.

Please support this fine film, watch their trailer and share this with anyone who wants a fresh perspective on men, psychology and life.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Magic Meets Medical - Worlds First Medical Magic Trick!

If you are not familiar with the Da Vinci Robot, it is a multi million dollar machine which allows for delicate operations with remote robotic arms.  These arms are controlled by an highly killed operator and doctor and can easily remove the skin from a grape.

Yours truly got to test drive the new unit and essentially do the worlds first medical magic trick! In all honesty, it was a real treat to sit and operate this amazing tool. The hand coordination came easy, but I did not even touch the multiple foot pedals. Here's a quick video of the magic!
Although my interests range from invention, producing products, performing magic at parties and more, I am fascinated my medical advancements and robotics. The delicate touch of this machine was truly elegant.

This particular machine is now at Sierra Vista Hospital.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Carnival Cruise San Diego Fire or Magic?

By now you had to have heard about the Carnival Cruise Splendor stuck at sea off San Diego due to a fire and loss of power...

I find it interesting that the Carnival Cruise out of San Diego, which caught fire and was stranded this week, was attended by magicians for a mini convention! That's right, over 150 magicians stuck with over 4,000 passengers for 4 days. 

I have to joke for a second about the insanity of that concept! "Pick a card…" Oh, man! Seriously thought, I had several friends on that ship and considered lecturing or attending myself. From what I've been told, they did not just eat Spam! They did not have power for four days and could not charge phones and did get flashlights. Luckily, there were battery backups to control doors to let you into your room. I was also informed that Carnival did a great job organizing food, drinks, announcements, etc. Not one person was injured. US military ships and aircraft have been providing fresh supplies since the fire knocked out refrigeration, along with air conditioning, the Internet, and phone service.

One friend described to me that a sort of "shuttering" was felt at about 6am the night after the departure. He and his wife thought they might be docking, but they also knew that they were supposed to be at sea for two straight days. Soon afterwards, they learned that there was a fire and that it was safe and contained. He said that magicians did mingle about the passengers doing some tricks throughout the four days of waiting on board. They also spend a lot of time sharing tricks to each other in a large convention/meeting room. 

Now, to put in my two cents about people's compensation… I think it is great that Carnival has offered refunds for all guests, including flights.. and offered another cruise for free. But think about it for a second. That really just REPLACES what was already paid for. Many people are thinking that this is some sort of deal! The cruise was gone for so long that the next scheduled group waiting in San Diego got cancelled and they were offered a refund (NO KIDDING!) and a 25% discount on their next cruise. When you really look at the fact that Carnival HAS to refund guests for this cruise which was planned, where the real gift, apology or compensation? I'd think that in addition to REPLACING the lost cruise, that guests would be eligible for an additional cruise or discount.

Well, it might have been a magical cruise for some, but I know it was certainly not for others as this happened on day one of the cruise. 

Coincidentally, I just heard another magician back east talking on The Bulldog Show, which I'll be on Wednesday talking about my book on tricks for dating. It's such a small world!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Party Entertainment

It's Holiday Party time already!? You have to be kidding me!  It's time to scramble to find entertainment and fun things to do with guests! Well, here's an easy piece to the puzzle...

If you're having (or know of someone having) a nice holiday party, consider the importance and FUN of having "The Ice Breaker" mingle with guests! It's important to have something unique and fun for guests to experience at holiday parties... they cant just sit around and listen to the boss talk about next years projections or painfully sit through another bucket of tickets to be drawn for prizes. People want to relax, laugh, eat and mingle... and be entertained!

Mingling magic, sleight of hand, strolling magic, interactive magic, close-up magic... or whatever you want to call it, is ideal for holiday parties where people are gathering for several hours to socialize, mingle and have a good time. It's the best way to get outside spouses or guests to start a conversation with coworkers. Interactive magic slaps people around mentally (in a very positive and fun way) and gives people a chance to laugh or freak out together! Once the magician find his next group, the last group immediately starts comparing notes and breaking the ice on their own... it's like magic!

You do not want to hire a "cheesy magician" who is just going to shove tricks on guests or interrupt them... No. You want someone that knows how to HELP get people talking with sophisticate, modern magic with personality. You want someone who guests WANT to entertain them. You want an experienced professional that can scan a room and find a couple people that need some excitement... or a person left alone at a table... or a group of high energy people to make explode!  Beware of an amateur entertainer who's goal is to trick people instead of make the even memorable and exciting.

"The Ice Breaker" (Magician and Mentalist Rich Ferguson) is not the "show" but rather the icing on the cake to tie it all together. It's subtle but powerful entertainment that leaves a huge impression on people!

See for yourself how fun it is to let "The Ice Breaker" loose at your holiday party or special event!  It does not matter if it is in a private home, business or event facility. Just add guests and let the magic happen!

Besides national and international recognition, Rich was voted as "Best Entertainer" regionally. Pamper your guests with something unique and interactive in addition to whatever you have planned!

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