Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dating Magic Tricks on Kindle Amazon

That's right! Trick to Pick Up Chicks is now available on Kindle at Amazon! If you've just come across this blog, Tricks to Pick Up Chicks is a combination of Magic Tricks, Bar Bets, Psychology and so much more. It's the perfect book for anyone looking for fun tools, tips and tricks to break the ice and have fun meeting people. It's not a seduction book to get women to sleep with you! Rather, we teach you to open doors and get women or everyday people attracted to you. What you do once doors are open and people are eating out of your hand is up to you. The dating game has never been so fun and easy!

Here's the fun content of this unique magic and "dating" book:

Chapter 1 - “Quickies”
Tricks, ice-breakers and pick up lines that can be done to instantly get the attention of any dream-girl.

Chapter 2 - “One Night Stands"
Full blown magic tricks, bar bets and scams to meet girls, make you stand out and make them want more.

Chapter 3 - “Threesomes”
Gain an advantage by secretly using your “wingman” to trick, scam or set-up your target!

Chapter 4 - Body Language
Learn how to read body language, gestures and expressions so you know exactly what she is really thinking!

Chapter 5 - Rules of the Game
Become aware of the dating rules that separate the men from the boys. Learn the do’s and don’ts of the dating game.

Tricks to Pick Up Chicks is available at Amazon as a Book or in Kindle Edition.

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