Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Prank Someone

This prank is perfect for the office, at home or at a party... It's ranked as the perfect prank in my book because it meets all the requirements for a quality prank:

1. Anyone can do it

2. It costs nothing
3. It takes seconds to set up

4. The victim does it to themselves

5. The victim is caught at a vulnerable moment 

The best pranks or tricks catch people when they are vulnerable... and when an illusion is created in their own mind!


Go to a bathroom and make sure the toilet paper roll is hanging outwards... leave one or two squares dangling to pull easily...

When they pull on the toilet paper... They prank themselves! Simply attach a fake spider on the bottom of the roll and it will eventually be pulled around by someone sitting on the toilet. The illusion that the spider is running toward them is so real that you will certainly scare the **** out of them! 

So to recap.

1. Turn Roll Facing Outwards and pull down about 4-5 squares
2. Attach Spider in the correct direction

3. Roll the spider underneath and out of sight leaving 1-2 squares dangling!

4. Wait for someone to scream

Enjoy! Please SHARE the heck out of this simple prank video.

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