Friday, April 1, 2011

Ellen Degeneres Showcases Magician

The Ellen Degeneres Show is about as good as it get for television for a sleight of hand magician! My appearance as a special guest was a blast to say the least. A previous post talked about the time leading up to the show. Now that the show has aired, enjoy this clip!

I started off with an effect made custom for Ellen. Next, we played with time travel doing a series of events with her freely chosen card. That magic trick starts off with her card jumping out of the pack. Lastly, I return at the end of the show to do a prediction effect using her book. Ellen and everyone at her show are top notch, professional and fun! What a great show. It's like magic!

"You're a freak! Wow... Wow! That's craziness!" was my favorite part. As you can see, I try to make the magic about them versus just trying to trick someone or make them look foolish. Fun times indeed!

Here's a clip from the local news promoting the airing of Ellen the next day. The trick with Dave was fun!

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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