Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies - Loved magic...

"Pop superstar Michael Jackson has died. The singer was rushed from his home today after suffering from cardiac arrest... Jackson was not breathing when he arrived at the hospital."

I had the opportunity to visit his Neverland Ranch several years ago in Santa Ynez and saw Michael in a remote magic shop in Las Vegas (not a tourist magic shop). Michael loved magic... so much that he would buy half a supply of a magic shop to perhaps dabble... He'd stock up on mentalism books, magic dvds, props, etc. I always found that interesting and thought I'd share. What a legend... 50 years old... wow.... and just to hear about actress Farrah Fawcett just earlier today, also in Los Angeles. I happen to be sitting here at the computer when I heard and my first thought was how much he admired magic... and supported David Blaine and others.

As we are all so connected now and we have reached a timeline from when legends have been made household names, I suppose we will have more blows like this soon enough. Sad day.