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AGT Finals Breakdown - America's Got Talent

It's season 8 on America's Got Talent and here's how I see the final 6!

I'm shocked that several, large, artistic performance groups were cut out of the finals. We are left with some serious solo acts but it really opens the door to anyone's chance at winning this season of America's Got Talent. However, considering the demographics and types of acts left, I am not going to be too surprised to see the first magician win this show! As a consultant to this act, I will keep my personal opinions out of the equation and look at this very subjectively and honestly.

Acts from the finals
Here my breakdown:

Some of the acts I figured would have posed the biggest threat are now gone. It was somewhat disappointing, but that's what demographics/marketing/looks/editing/postioning will do to acts in a show like this. We can only look at the six remaining acts at this point. What we have left are THREE music/singing acts. One comedian, one performance dance artist and one magician. In my humble opinion, the most creative, skilled and experienced performer is clearly Kenichi Ebina. He creates most of his own technology and choreographing. His stuff is amazing. As a comedian, Taylor Williamson has a fun character people love. He stands out to me as well. The opera styled trio of Forte is great, but I can not connect with them since they admit to coming together for the show last minute and do not know each other. Demographically speaking, the country singer might pose the biggest challenge to Collin's since half of America connects with country music. That said, it's looking pretty strong for magician Collins Key because of the package he has become marketing wise and the followers he's gained during the show. Let's break this down more:

• Until Collins, nobody has ever crashed AGT's Twitter account before.

• No contestant that was a complete unknown has gained so much popularity that there are literally mobs of fans to see him outside the show.

• To top it off, AGT producers would likely see long term potential in a very young 17 year old.

• He has a tremendously large fan base.

• He is very young and has the package look which ties into the marketing of a show like this.

• Magic is at an all time popularity.

• A magician has NEVER made it to this point of the show.

It's anyone's game this year... But one can dream that because magic is so popular outside of AGT this year that it's the time a magician wins this thing.  In fact, I know first hand since producers called me nine times this year to discuss me doing magic pranks on the show. They recognize how popular magic is right now. It has to help. People appear to be ready for magic. It feels like it's time to pass on a musician. That's my gut feeling this year. As I said before, it's anyone's game at this point but it sure feels like Collins is able to pull this off for numerous reasons. The stars have aligned amazingly for this opportunity. He has a "different" type of act that appeals to most demographics.

Those are just some reason's I would not be shocked if it happened. I'll be supportive either way it goes down. Good luck to you all;)

Check out some of the performances from all the amazing performers in the top 6.

America's Got Talent, Final 6:
Collins Key:

Dance Artist
Kenichi Ebina:

Taylor Williamson:

Operatic Tenor Singers

Cami Bradley:

Country Singer
Jimmy Rose:

Regardless, we will know the results this week! It's pretty exciting stuff. Here's wishing everyone the best of luck in their career and chance on AGT. If Kenichi pulls out the win, I would not be shocked at all - plus he gets an extra point for also incorporating magic in his acts!

I think Collins proved he has star and stage abilities with his last couple tricks. Check out some of Collins' PAST performances this year on AGT.

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