Monday, July 13, 2009

Villa De Buena Vista Wedding

What an amazing venue and private estate and Bed and Breakfast... located in a hidden area right in Paso Robles. This was an awesome group of people, wedding pros and guests. Easy, fun, relaxed and rewarding for all. The evening started off with about an hour of casual mingling before the main ceremony began. I am finding this to be more common and it is nice to have people get a light drink and meet a bit before feeling like they have to rush to a seat! After the ceremony, people could mingle at the dinner tables or in the courtyard which was catered with snacks and drink... and entertainment by yours truly (The Ice Breaker). The DJ was awesome, the food was incredible, the venue was perfect.

I wanted to share something amazing that I learned the day of the wedding... The groom has lots of family and brothers to carry on the family name. The bride didn't, so the groom took on the name of the brides family to carry it on! How amazing is that? It seemed a little confusing at first, then it hits. What a great man. Her dad, Jeff, had to be so proud.

Doing magic for them friends and family was nice because there was plenty of time before the ceremony to break the ice and plenty of time before the dancing... and having an entire area devoted to cocktail tables just makes life more fun for everyone!

Here are the main players!

Bride: Fallon Hookailo
Groom: Rafael Perez
Caterer: Cahoots
DJ: Beau Kramer, Kramer Entertaiment
Photographer: Melissa Valdez
Officiant: Jerry Hanson
Location: Villa De Buena Vista, Patti Youngclause, Nancy filled in for her as site manager

Congratulations again to all that was involved in such a intimate and magical night.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wedding Reception Ideas...

Here Comes The Guide is an amazing site with resources, ideas, blogs... I was just showcased a bit...

"...Mobile Entertainment: Rich Ferguson, master illusionist, is a great example. He strolls around while masterfully engaging people in conversation and then… voilĂ !, he’s blown everyone’s mind with an illusion that keeps everyone talking throughout the reception. ..."

There are some other wonderful tips. Check it out.

Rich Ferguson, aka, The Ice Breaker

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies - Loved magic...

"Pop superstar Michael Jackson has died. The singer was rushed from his home today after suffering from cardiac arrest... Jackson was not breathing when he arrived at the hospital."

I had the opportunity to visit his Neverland Ranch several years ago in Santa Ynez and saw Michael in a remote magic shop in Las Vegas (not a tourist magic shop). Michael loved magic... so much that he would buy half a supply of a magic shop to perhaps dabble... He'd stock up on mentalism books, magic dvds, props, etc. I always found that interesting and thought I'd share. What a legend... 50 years old... wow.... and just to hear about actress Farrah Fawcett just earlier today, also in Los Angeles. I happen to be sitting here at the computer when I heard and my first thought was how much he admired magic... and supported David Blaine and others.

As we are all so connected now and we have reached a timeline from when legends have been made household names, I suppose we will have more blows like this soon enough. Sad day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"magician"... what do you think of?

What do you think of when you hear the word magician?

Think about MUSIC for a second. There are several types of instruments, several styles and many forms of involvement from writers and directors and singers to drummers! In the exact same way, there are huge varieties in magic. Obviously, most can recognize that there are performers that do magic for children and families, others who do large scale stage magic. However, within the mix, there are huge differences in discipline, approach, studies, responsibilities, uses and more.

Stage Magic: (Illusionist) Larger scale productions and illusions involving choreography, music, sometimes animals, large props and often several assistances. >Although I do not perform traditional stage magic, I have been a consultant for some of the best stage performers in the world. It is quite interesting to me.
The Steelgraves stage illusion
Platform Magic/Parlor: Seen in small theaters, clubs, cruises and corporate events, this style is in between stage and close-up. Often you seen card fans, billiard-ball manipulation, mind reading, small props, rope tricks and comedy. >This is often the style of performance done by me when asked to "perform for the entire group."
Parlor of Prestidigitation at the Magic Castle
Close-up/Sleight of Hand: (Sleight of hand artist) Effects done with "everyday" object like rings, coins and cards. Sleight of hand magic can involve extreme dexterity and masterful practice. Traditionally, this is done on a small table or felt pad for small audiences. >This style of magic is my favorite when mingling with guests at private events and cocktail socials. My style is a bit of a mix of pick-pocketing, sleight of hand and psychology.
Bill Wisch at the Up Close Room at the Magic Castle
Strolling Magic: This is a style seen at high end parties which can combine comedy, wit, sleight of hand, pick pocketing, mind reading and more. Instead of a stage show, a magician mingles throughout the event doing intimate presentations up close and personal.
Rich Ferguson mingling at a Corporate VIP party
Escapology: Handcuffs, straightjackets and more! Some entertainers entire act revolves around getting out of dangerous situations while being locked up. >I do not regularly perform any escapes, but have considered a complex escape effect as a publicity stunt.
Houdini was famous for escapes
Children's Magic: This style is usually performed for an audience primarily composed of children for birthday parties, preschools, elementary schools and similar. This type of magic is usually comedic in nature and involves colorful props, ballooons, audience interaction as well as volunteer assistants. >I love kids and am working hard to provide a platform for kids to perform, however, I never perform "children's" magic.
Groans, laughs and more with children's shows
Corporate Magic/Trade-show: Often used as a sales tool or crowd gathering technique with patter and effects that enhance products and messages. >One of my clients is HP. I have been thier "entertaining" spokesperson at tradeshows blowing the minds of guests or partners while mixing in bits of HP branding or info. This form of entertainment involves huge preparation and serious responsibilities.
Rich Ferguson doing presentations using magic and computers
Street Magic: From hustlers and street performers working for tip and to the style of David Blaine, street magic incorporates interactive type effects done with a spectator in a real world setting. >I love this type of magic when done correctly. Often, there is a line crossed with interrupting people to do "bizarre" magic to them.
Street show type of street magic
Mentalism: (Mentalist) Sometimes confused or compared with "mind-reading", I believe mentalism to be the highest form of the magical arts. There are tricks within magic to enhance mentalism, but a true mentalist uses acute observation, suggestion, forms of psychology and non-verbal communication to create mind-boggling experiences. >There are two studies within mentalism... I take the purest form and perform "honestly" about my abilities and skills. True mentalism is often considered the most sophisticated type of magic. Every situation, person, reaction and more is quite different and there is much more risk involved for the performer... which is the part I like best!
Rich Ferguson doing Mind Reading at a corporate event
There are numerous other categories, but I've just mentioned the most common. By the way, there is not a goal to start with children's magic, then move to street magic, then sleight of hand, then stage and someday hope to be a grand illusionist! Does a drummer aspire to one day be in a 25 piece classical ensemble? Nope. There can be a normal learning transition, but usually there is some focus and desire to perform that type of magic you see a magician performing.

Within any category, there are a huge differences in personal styles as well within any category. Just like in music, a magician can be a collector, inventor, designer, assistant, consultant, hobbyist, professional, funny, dangerous, etc, etc.

So the next time you see a magician, as yourself if the magician is actually specializing in what they are doing instead of wondering if they hope to have a "bigger" show someday or hope to learn the tricks you've seen from other entertainers.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Changing Wedding Industry

With brides searching for something unique, trying to save money and getting back to family and friends, the timing couldn't be better for wedding and special events professional Rich Ferguson. Rich Ferguson, AKA "The Ice Breaker" is a full time entertainer and consultant who has observed some very fascinating changes, mistakes and misconceptions in the wedding industry. In a bizarre twist, event planners, brides and other vendors are coming to Rich for advice and as the catalyst that helps make receptions more successful for all involved.

Rich has observed huge changes, mistakes and misconceptions in the wedding industry. "Although I'm typically brought in to mingle with guests at corporate events and celebrity parties, I absolutely love weddings. It is a special time that involves many people that do not know each other. People often come from far away out of support and obligation. Although the wedding industry focuses heavily on the bride, the guests need to be taken care of if they are to remember the event as special and fun. Brides want a memorable party. I'm excited that brides are not allowing the industry to tell them what is most important anymore. I'm glad that family and friends are becoming a priority again. I'm glad to be someone outside the box that other professionals are finally listening too." Rich is known around the world for his unique entertainment, but also for his consulting, ideas and observations. (See event tips and more about Rich at

There's a new trend with brides. They're finding ways to make their party unique, memorable, affordable and more focused on family and friends. Rich Ferguson has become a hot commodity as "The Ice Breaker" at high end receptions. (see This entertainment concept was not recognized by the wedding industry until other professionals started seeing the amazing results. With Rich breaking the ice in his very intimate and engaging ways, DJs, coordinators, brides and venues started to realize that high caliber ice breaking was the key to getting people involved and excited. At a reception, guests must wait for pictures, wait for hours to say "congratulations" and hang out with people they do not know. Possibly due to the economy, the focus has shifted a bit toward family. Rich Ferguson was right there to be the catalyst in helping guests have a fabulous time while waiting for hours to get a quick hug from the bride. Rich's unique "Ice Breaking" style of strolling entertainment is a rare combination of wit, charm, sleight of hand magic, mentalism and improv. Guests and professionals at events rave about the importance, the quality and the mind-blowing entertainment "The Ice Breaker" can add. In the end, it comes down to a couple simple facts. Guests do not want to wait around bored. Rich excites people with high caliber entertainment which is appropriate for this setting. He blends in just like a guest but gives people something unique to experience and makes it easy for the photographer to take pictures. Dj's enjoy working with Rich as he gets people loosened up to be more comfortable to give speeches and dance. "It's like magic!", Rich says.

In years past, there was a bit of a misconception to what Rich Ferguson was trying to offer at weddings. Now event planners and other professionals insist on this much needed glue, fun and polish for guests. The industry is finally catching up to how simple of a formula it is. If Rich excites one person, that person excites another. It is contagious. Guests become more involved with everything else that is going on throughout the reception because the ice has been broken and they are more comfortable. "It's bad for business to have guests bored or uncomfortable. Not only is what I do amazingly fun, it is essential to a successful reception. It is a blessing to no longer be looked at as an extra expense or distraction like some novelty or less experienced entertainers might be."

In a lucky break for Rich, the times are causing brides to be a little more careful where they spend their money. Several eye opening statistics came out this year from Bride, US Today, The Knot and other confirming that:
"Nearly 100% of brides after their wedding wish they had spend more of their budget on entertainment."
"78% of brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority."
"81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a reception is the entertainment."

"Now that I'm working with many top wedding professionals, they are trusting my advise. I get results and make events a blast for all involved. The number one problem I've seen at events involve sound and tables. I've discovered something remarkably simple. If a party or reception includes me, provides a few scattered cocktail type tables and keeps the music lower, you have a formula for guests who want to talk to each other." When you consider what makes people socialize and enjoy themselves, it really makes perfect sense. No longer do guests look for a chance to sneak out or just wait for cake and leave. If people are stuck at a large round table, it does not promote mingling or socializing. It is a big mistake to assume that people stuck at a table together will promote conversation. Guests feel uncomfortable hovering over someone sitting at another table that they might want to talk to. Therefore, cocktail tables are the secret during the reception. Having the DJ or band keep the sound lower is key as well. If music is too loud, people do not enjoy talking. They will leave. So, you put it all together... high quality ice breaking, controlled music and a reason to mingle and you have a group of strangers gearing up for a fun night ahead. "Usually, an ice breaker of my caliber is not available for weddings. It takes 20 years to obtain the skills to be able to be dropped into a room of strangers and do what I do. I guess that is why the wedding industry was confused at first. The timing of what I offer and the needs of the brides these days is perfect. I'm the only ice breaker certified by the Guide (see and only wish I could help everyone have a fun, memorable and successful reception. I'm glad I can help make receptions so much more functional for guests, brides and other hard working wedding professionals."

Rich Ferguson, AKA "The Ice Breaker" is available for events nationally and resides on the coast of California. Please visit his website for tips and information at or

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

12 secret tips for a successful wedding reception! -Learn what the "wedding industry" isn't telling you.

Want a fun and stress-free reception? Want your guests happy, comfortable and amazed? Here are some secret tips the wedding industry doesn't talk about.

Here's just 12 areas that will change your reception from stress and frustration to fun and ease for you and your guests:

Venue vs type of music...
Value of Entertainment...
Noise Levels of DJ's...
Sit down tables vs cocktail tables...
Type of venue...
Wedding "Industry"...
Past Experience...
Yes, Yes, "I'll do it!"...
It's all about the Bride...
After the ceremony...
Cutting corners...
Ice Breaking...

My name is Rich Ferguson, AKA "The Ice Breaker". As a 15 year event professional and a recognized authority on observation and strategy, I've observed very common mistakes many brides and event professionals make. I feel compelled to share a couple important tips that people seem to miss again and again. Here's the deal- If guests can't talk, mingle or comfortably meet each other, they will feel stuck at their seat and not fully enjoy themselves. There are a couple common mistakes that cause people to leave an event early, not truly enjoy themselves or remember the event as less than "amazing," You want guests to remember your day as perfect and to feel special too! To help avoid people checking their watch and thinking "Maybe I'll wait for cake... then leave," read on! (By the way, I just got married. To even my own surprise, we had a 12.5 hour long reception! Noon to twelve thirty at night! I know how to throw a party, what matters and how to ensure people are comfortable and happy. It was awesome.)

1. I know that DJ's are supposed to "pump it up" and get the guests "going", but in many cases I've seen this attempt cause guests to literally get going ...home. What I mean is, depending on the venue, it might not be smart to turn an intimate event into a dance party too quickly. If there is not a place for guests to easily talk and mingle, you better be sure that everyone wants to party hard right away. Also, at high caliber events, I've seen DJ's be the smoothest and most fun as DJ's, Entertainers and MC's. However, too often I've seen DJ's pump the music as loud as possible, as early as possible and without enough speakers distributed around the venue, therefor killing the ears of the people sitting to close. Depending on the venue, you really need to consider the levels of sound and amount of speakers. I'll get more into that in a moment. But consider the venue when considering the music or DJ. Some venues are acoustically "challenged" and it will just kill the mood with nearly any loud music. Ask previous brides about particular venues. Look on forums or call other professionals. Ask your potential musician, MC's or DJ's what venues work best for the size of your group.

2. At events, I often see that people do not add the right "polish" for entertainment. Did you know- According to US Today, Bride Magazine, The Knot and others that "Brides, nearly 100% of the time, LOOKING BACK at their wedding WISH they spent more of their budget on the entertainment." Also, "4 out of 5 WISH they would have made entertainment their HIGHEST priority!" You see what the number are telling you! There are some very easy and affordable tricks to making events very memorable, sophisticated and fun! First of all, allow the music to be background music for a while. Think about the guests and be sure to use something unique like me, "The Ice Breaker", (see as a way to keep your new friends and family having fun and helping them easily meeting each other. Plus something unique like me is mind-blowing, unique and fun without taking away from anything else. Think about simple things like a background guitar player as an elegant touch for the first part of the reception, or strolling servers, etc. It adds so much class and fun for guests. It gives them something to see and enjoy while they wait for you. You have to remember one important thing- Guests are waiting for hours to say congrats to you. You are busy like mad running around, getting pulled in all directions, changing clothes, fixing makeup, saying hi to everyone and much more. Your guests are not. Make SURE they are taken care of. I can help. Check out my wedding video at or and see for yourself.

3. I've already touched on noise levels, but let's get into why it is so important. Just like when I perform, it is about the guests and what is needed most to ensure they are laughing and smiling. It is not about me insisting that they watch me. Sometimes, less experienced DJ's, Bands or entertainers seem to forget their role at a wedding! It's a wedding, not a club or theater and things need to handled with care and class. I'm telling you with certainty that if music is too loud, most people will not enjoy themselves because they want to hear and talk. Now, if it is supposed to be a show or concert, then by all means, crank it up! Put it this way, I just got married and I had a 12.5 hour long reception! It was easy, fun and memorable. I'm not knocking DJ's or music... In fact, I highly recommend music as a background immediately and at all times... but if people are yelling to talk to each other, the most important mood will be killed. There will be plenty of time to dance after dinner. (I know several fantastic DJ's and musicians on the Central Coast of California if you are confused). Don't you want people from both sides of the family to meet? Have you ever been to an event where you can hardly talk to the person directly next to you? It might be fun at a bar, but not at a wedding. Keep in mind that there are two new families coming together for the first time. You need them to meet and talk. If you are in a small venue, the music can echo and make it hard to hear. Believe it or not, a much lower volume will cause people to stop talking during speeches and make it easier to hear overall. Each venue and event is different, but blowing people's ear out to ensure they can hear announcements is a big mistake. You just can't make sense of what the DJ is saying if it is cranked up too loud. So, look for a DJ that has numerous speaker to make sound levels even and someone who is willing to not be the center of attention and create a club before people have a chance to laugh and talk with each other. Also, be sure to place older people and children away from the speakers. Even if the DJ is reasonable with the volume, nobody wants to be stuck next to the speakers. Considering this when doing seating may be a large help to some.

4. Here's a HUGE tip for making an event fun for people. One word. TABLES! Yep, tables. Some venues lend themselves to this more than others, but trust me, if you want a really fun event, be sure to have sit down tables and cocktail tables. Think about it. If you attend an event and have to sit at a table (likely assigned seating too), how can you talk to others easily? Hover over them while they are at a table elsewhere? Perhaps you get a chance to talk only in lines for drinks or food? It can be a little uncomfortable to mingle once people are stuck at their tables. The very best events and venues I've been to lend themselves to having a room with regular tables and several cocktail tables sprinkled in and out of the main room. This actually causes people to easily mingle and talk comfortably. It causes some variety and freedom from being stuck at a table. It is an easy task to get people back to their seats for ceremonial things once that part of the night comes so let them mingling if they want. Also, even later when the dancing starts, some people need an escape. If they do not have it, they will say their goodbye's. You can't expect people to be able to sit for hours without talking. Cocktail tables enable people to meet and enjoy themselves. Trust me.

5. Is your reception in one simple room with no side rooms, patios, outside areas, walkways or variety? Venues with no escape from the sit-down table might be okay if you have a very small group. However, the very best events I've attended in the past 20 years have all had the variety of tables I've mentioned above and separate rooms for the bar, additional cocktail tables, indoor and outdoor features, etc. Again, this promotes mingling and fun for guests. Do not underestimate that value of escape for guests. Also, when a reception is in one square room, there is no variety for where to put gift, to talk, to cry, to catch some entertainment, to snack, etc. Sure, it might be easier for us event planners, DJ's, Photographers or entertainers to see everyone, but it is not about us. It is about the comfort and fun for you and your guests! Period. I'll take the extra second to mingle in another area. Heck, I actually prefer a change of pace.

6. In short, the wedding industry is a huge engine telling brides what is important or not. How do you cut through the hype and decide that to do? Just think from a common sense approach. What do you really need at an event to make it a blast? What have you seen at an event where you had a great time? Events are successful when everyone has an easy time and a reason to talk, smile and laugh! Trust me, having unique services like mine make all the difference in the fun and the memories. This should not be a time to juggle and stress. It should be easy to sit down at home with each other and plan out what you want and then go get those services accordingly. You can go to wedding fairs and research all types of services and then go back home and decide what is important and really needed for best impact and fun for your dollar. Listen to professionals but know when to draw the line on what is needed for what you are paying.

7. Another thing to consider is experience. I just got married and threw the party of the century and I know how many choices of vendors there are out there. It is hard! I really think it is hard to put a price on experience though. Take me for instance, I've been a professional Ice Breaker for 15 years. There is not a chance that I could simply train someone to take extra gigs for me. There is a good reason I'm at the highest end parties around the country. So, you might be a tiny bit concerned by companies that have not been around long, have not had tons of real life event experience or someone who is in practicing on your most important day. I think someone like myself is so specialized, that we should be "valued" at many times that of another service that can train a new worker in a few weeks to essentially replace them. I'm not necessarily referring to may times the price, but the value you are getting. It is something to consider. You get what you pay for sometimes. Experienced florist, musician, event planners, photographers know how to handle things if something unusual comes up- and they always seems to! Change in weather, technical problems, late people, missing gear, distractions of all types fluster inexperienced "professionals" and distract from your event. I've always been a little confused when a videographer, DJ or photographer "trains" someone to be the new DJ they give you. When you book "The Ice Breaker", you get me. Period. I know that many services need help or assistance or even employe a roster of quality talents, that is different. Also, don't underestimate the importance of experience from the venue itself! Many venues have wonderful staff that know how to handle anything that comes their way. I've seen it time and time again how the banquet person at a venue is the lifesaver at the event. They know their venue far better than any event planner, caterer, entertainer, etc. I think you get the point. The other side of the coin is the full time vs part time argument. Most wedding professionals seem to moonlight as wedding professionals. Many of them are AWESOME too! However, I've been full time for years and have the appropriate contracts, insurance, customer service, expertise and schedule control to ensure a professional job at all times. Again, you sometimes get what you pay for. Any shortcuts up front are potential shortcuts at your event as well. Now, there are all sorts of tricks to saving money and sticking within a budget. I'm not saying you need to spend any more to have a blast of an event. I'm saying being smart, being aware of what really is important and not be stressed by the wedding "industry". Put your money where it counts. Many of us can really help you make it easy... the experienced ones can for sure.

8. A professional just saying "yes" to any event and having no real questions for you is a sure sign of someone who is not ensuring that your event is unique. It would be a cinch to accept any event that came my way... and in my case, I nearly can because of the huge flexibility and uniqueness of what I do. However, I've seen other vendors that shouldn't act so quickly. In business, it is important to say "yes" to clients, but it is equally important to be honest to them and yourself. If the event does not suit you or the vendor smoothly or services need to be adjusted, the vendor should refer you to someone else or find ways to ensure everyone is satisfied. If the event does not lend itself to their equipment, the ages of the people attending, the particular venue, etc, everyone can win if the right fit is met. Although it may seem painful, if a professional does not care about anything but getting paid by you, how are you any different than any other event they have done?! As a potential customer, you really need to understand that it is also strange to many of us if someone calls asking "What is the cost for a wedding?" I personally need to at least know how many people, how many hours, is it indoors or outdoors, if there is a theme, who else is working that I might know, general ages and personalities of the guests, what is the venue (there are a few I love to work at), etc... Then I need to make sure it is a good fit for you. Are you aware of my unique style, are there other ways to take advantage of me at the event, do you have a backup plan if it rains, etc. Remember, if you call car salesman #1 and ask "What does a car cost?" and he tells you only $15,000 ... then you call car salesman #2 and ask "What does a car cost?" and he says $15,500. Which is the better deal? Well, turns out car #1 was a beat up utility van which was over priced for what you got and it came with no warranty or extra services. Car #2 was just a bit more and it turned out to be a mercedes convertible roadster with a warranty and free oil changes for life. I'm simply saying that "price shopping" gets you nothing but a price for something unknown. It is a big mistake to assume that we all do the same thing and price is the only thing that varies between us. It isn't more true with Ice Breaking and magic. That is another topic.

9. It is your wedding day and it should be perfect! I agree that it should be focused on the bride... but we can't forget what makes up the "bride"- family and friends, your husband, support, love, admiration, respect and more. People have come a long way to celebrate with you and for you. Although the day is about you, the guests have to be well taken care of in order to serve you and each other best. I know I have eluded to it already, but just don't forget the immense importance of making sure the guests are smiling and having a great time when you are not talking to them! Do the math yourself.- If you only spend 2 minutes with each guest at a typical wedding of 120 people, that's already 4 hours! Where the heck is the time to do all the ceremonial stuff!? I think you can appreciate how there is no time for the bride and groom to go around introducing people! I'm not here to stress you out, I'm here as one person who feels like it is time to lay it out as it is. You need to make sure that the flow of the day works for you. You need help. You will not have time to babysit friends or family on your special day so take steps now to make it easy on you and them. The wedding industry is making money off focusing on the bride. It makes sense. Weddings happen. Weddings are very important! Weddings are special! However, before you get all caught up in the decisions, know ahead of time what is it all about. It is about celebrating each other and supporting the bride and groom. Take a few breaths and simplify what is going on. Imagine throwing the best party ever for your friends and family. Then imagine you are the guests of honor. If you imagine the event as something for everyone, in the end it will lend itself to you better! People will have more fun, remember your event over others, celebrate with you all night and be much more comfortable.

10. After the ceremony, some people are at the reception right away, while some take a while after changing clothes or getting lost, among other things. I've been at receptions that have taken two hours for the bride to "appear" from organizing, driving, extensive pictures and unforeseen issues. What do your guests do while they wait after the ceremony? It's a good idea to have some snacks and drinks ready at the instant the reception starts. It should be very clear where people can sit and put things so they do not run around like bumper cars as they wait for you;) If they are waiting and pampered with some basic food and drinks, know where to put their stuff and have quality entertainment and ice breaking, you are set. Now you can rest assured that they can enjoy themselves while you comfortably handle what you have to handle! Your guests will be thrilled when you arrive instead of thinking "What do we do?... Where are they?..." It has always been a mystery why this very important transition is not handled with more attention. I've been to high dollar receptions (when I'm not working) where the hour between the ceremony and reception is awkward for us all. In fact, I've been at events which I have worked and found it always interesting that there is no videographer or photographer catching some of the best moments from guests. When I'm entertaining the guests with subtle walk around magic and ice breaking, I'm getting people jazzed up and helping the time seem short as they wait. There are people saying the wildest things and having a blast, yet the bride will never see it without a backup photographer there. What a great time to capture candid interviews on DVD for the bride to see later. The music is not too loud to hear them, there are less distractions and there is time! Just think about it. Whenever the bride is busy doing something, which is the entire day, guests are essentially waiting. I've already given tips on how to help with keeping guests pampered. I wanted to simply make you aware of moments between the ceremony and reception that are never talked about.

11. As the stats have shown, people need and remember entertainment more than anything else. Stats show that almost 100% of brides wish they spent more of their budget on the entertainment. You can learn from their mistakes and know going into your planning the huge value entertainment brings. If you need to cut corners, do not compromise the entertainment. Take a good look at harpists, extravagant flower arrangements, very unique services like mine (, guitarists, chocolate fountains and endless other items that truly polish up your reception and help make it an event to remember! Look at traditions around the world. Friends and family gather and they have entertainment all night. That's what people remember and what makes a difference.

12. I've already mentioned unique things like my services already, but lets talk clearly about what ice breaking is and what it does for you. After the ceremony, guests are headed to the reception. Here, they wait for several hours to say congrats to you. Even though there are some activities we all look forward to like cake, toasts, and the first dance, you have to keep in mind that guests wait. There is a lot of time that you are busy saying hello to people all over your reception. During that time, everyone else is waiting. When you are off doing picture, they are waiting. Like any social event, when you put a lot of new people together, having an ice breaker like me is essential to getting them to meet each other and pass the time with excitement, smiles and laughter. To be clear, I mingle with the guests, introduce people and entertain them personally with mind blowing sleight of hand magic, comedy, mentalism, wit and charm. If I see someone sitting at a table alone, I entertain them. If I see a group standing around with that "we don't know anybody" or "what do we do look", I pamper them with entertainment and introduce them to the people near them. I work very closely with other event professionals and when I know something important is coming, I can be another set of eyes on the floor telling people to get into the main room for something. I get people talking with excitement as they witness something very special and unusual. This excitement is contagious. They just saw you get married and you want to keep the magic going! Bored people cause others to feel bored... excited people cause more people to get excited. It is an easy formula. In addition, I help people meet so the bride and groom does not have too. They don't have time for that. I am known around the world for my award winning entertainment and I specialize in receptions and private events because of the amount of benefit it is to have me break the ice at events where people mingle with each other. I bring people together and making it a blast. It makes your reception more special and unique. Besides the obvious benefits of having me, the entertainment itself is high caliber and unbelievable. It is not just personality but many years of mastering the arts of sleight of hand and metalism that allow me to confidently engage guests with style, class and fun. I've been recognized internationally as the best at what I do. It is a real important feature to consider since my structure allows my high caliber entertainment to be extremely affordable. Plus, it's just very cool! You'll get compliments for years for providing "The Ice Breaker" for guests! However you handle your ice breaking for guests, you can't dismiss it.

If you have any questions or want me to entertain your special guests, I can guarantee that you'll be stoked that you used me. I'm your secret weapon to getting guests laughing, smiling, amazed and ready to party all night. I'm the "icing on the cake" so to speak. I can be reached via my websites at or my official website at or at my exclusive wedding site at Reach me toll free anytime at 877-RICHFUN or on the central coast of California at 805-234-7469 or my office at 805-543-0251! You have nothing to loose except maybe the fun for your guests. Call me. I'm here to help.