Monday, January 31, 2011

Optical Illusion - Your Eyes Lie to You

This is a great example of how easily your eyes can fool you! It's not quite an optical illusion or magic trick, but it's fun anyhow! This is also a great lesson as to why you should put sample paint on the walls of a home before painting the entire thing! What looks good on paper may not be even close to what you get once seen in a different environment, especially when influenced by shading and colors near by! 

The two center squares are exact. It is the shading of relative sides of the cube that make
your eyes deceive you. It's not a magic trick! This is one of many ways the brain, your memory/familiarity of things and your eyes fool each other. To see this animated and easily see the two square match in color, watch it on my site.

To see a ton of tricks and illusions you can play with, go to my tricks page on my site.

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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