Thursday, October 28, 2010

Body Language Handshake Analysis at Nipomo Chamber of Commerce

As far as handshake meanings, body language and demonstrations of profiling, I've had a blast. Today was an intimate setting with the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce. About 40 people converged on the Black Lake Golf Course, had lunch, networked then watched me give my unique perspective on body language. With only 30 minutes, I wish I had more time to dazzle the folks with some magic as well! It was a funny time of year to be the guest speaker with all the folks campaigning for office! However, it was great to see some familiar faces I hope do well in their campaigns. Also in attendance was my good buddy Sean from AMS Entertainment. He got to be my "assistant"!

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If you want to see part of small segment from another meeting, it can be viewed on YouTube

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Happy Halloween to you all!