Friday, September 7, 2012

First Online Candidate for U.S. President

I'm Rich Ferguson. Vote for me for U.S. President in 2012! - "No Tricks, Just Common Sense!"

I meet all the requirements in the constitution. I was born and have lived in the US for well over 14 years, I'm over 35 and I'd be acceptable to a large number of people across the nation due to the internet.

Donate to support my efforts and message.

I'm part republican, part democrat, part independent, part liberal, 100% human and would not classify myself clearly as one party or the other. I suppose to fit in a voting box and the system that we have in place, I'd have to run under "independent" but would fight to ensure equality and a high quality of life for anyone with any political affiliation, lifestyle or belief. Period. All the little arguments, positions and views do not matter compared to taking care of each other.

High level politics has become a rich person's SPORT! It's become a business rather than serving communities and people first - and I'm all about being self-employed, running a business and having the freedom to do what I want, but not at the expense of my neighbors or community. Enough's enough. To some degree, our country has been run like a bad business and as a business, we are bankrupt and a lot of people need to be fired... and other's promoted.

I have no political background but I have a masters in being an average citizen scraping to get ahead like 99% of those that read this. I know little about the game of politics but I know plenty about what people want and have a whole lot of street smarts and common sense that seems to be lacking everywhere.
Regular, everyday guy for president?
Mayor of common senseville?
Politics has become a game of tricks. I've been a full time magician for over 14 years and I know all about smoke and mirrors. Maybe I can make a few people in office that are corrupt disappear since they are in this political game for sport and money - without much care how it affects you and me in the long run.

If my name officially ended up on a ballot, I understand that I would not get many votes from the ultra Rich although I've had the opportunity to be part of that world through entertainment. I understand that there are amazingly prepared and qualified politicians better suited for president than I and that there are many out there who truly mean well. I'm not knocking them or being negative except to express that the system is broken and going in the wrong direction with priorities. We all know it.

Perhaps it's time to find another way and get back to the basics. Why can't we pick a nobody for president if we wanted? It now costs 100's of millions to run for president. What an unfortunate waste of resources. As your president, I'll make no secret deals, have zero tolerance for corruption and waste, not alter my views and maintain my morals. There is one goal - to take great care of our citizens who deserve to live life happy, healthy, safe lives complete with education and heath care… and to be a great example as the best nation to others around the world.

Most likely, I'll never even make it to filing… We will see. Hopefully, I'll get some to think about the possibilities and where we seem to be headed… regardless of their political affiliation.

My slogan is "No Tricks, Just Common Sense!" Share this with everyone you know. Donate if you want, even if to just help make a point. It would be ridiculous to have a nobody name on the ballot.

It's time for everyone to get RICH!  VOTE for RICH FERGUSON in 2012!

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In order to submit a statement of candidacy, $5,000 must be contributed or spent on campaigning. 
Am I serious? Not "completely," but partly. I'm willing to try anything. Crazier things have happened. It does make me wonder what's possible. I know there are better uses for me and more qualified and honest people out there that SHOULD run for president. Mostly, I want people to fight for what they want and deserve and quite being armchair critics without lifting a finger to accomplish changes on their own or contributing to their community.