Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day starts Magic Daily on TV

Starting on Valentines Day, CBS and FOX along the coast will be airing magic tricks all week...performed by yours truly.

In fact, here's the entire schedule: "Magic Week" on FOX and CBS ( starting Valentines Day - I'm coining it as "There's Magic in the Air!":

• Watch a trick each hour everyday Monday, February 14th through Friday, February 18th:
5-7am on KCOY/CBS
7-9am on FOX

• Watch a package from previously recorded 3-hour interview (don't worry, the spot will only be a few minutes!) just after The Mentalist on CBS:
11pm on KCOY/CBS

• Watch for two interviews and tricks LIVE on Friday 18th:
5-7am on KCOY/CBS
7-9am on FOX

Often, I'm not sure when I'll be on and miss telling people. So, here you go! You have a potential TWENTY-ONE opportunities next week! I'll likely upload the entire list of tricks on my YouTube page or watch them on the news website once they have aired.

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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