Monday, October 4, 2010

Gift Idea for Men and Boys - Holiday, Christmas, Birthday or Gag Gift

My newest book, Tricks to Pick Up Chicks is being purchased as a great gift for college boys, birthdays, christmas and even as a gag gift by women for their men! Tricks to Pick Up Chicks is not a seduction book but rather a bunch of bar bets, magic tricks, tips on psychology, funny pick-up lines, comebacks and more.

It's ideal for any ages, skill level or gender!

Want to get part of the book RIGHT NOW for FREE!?

Just share that we have a cool book available and you can download a PDF version right now before you purchase, after you purchase or if you never purchase!

We'll share:
• Learn how to make a napkin rose, bend spoons and vanish a coin
• We'll also share the 1st pages of Bar Bets, Scams, Lines and Ice-Breakers
• We'll even share the first SEVEN pages of Body Language!
• Plus a sneak peak at other pages and the beginning of the book... just for spreading the love!
You "pay" by simply offering a facebook post or tweet!