Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joplin Missouri Tornado Survivor

The biggest tornado to hit the US in decades destroyed much of Joplin Missouri. That's not new news, but for me, I received a very surprising email this morning from my local radio DJ Adam Montiel in San Luis Obispo, California. Adam, from our local Q104.5 FM called up the Joplin Globe out in Joplin Missouri and it turns out that my friend I know through the magic community answered.  Joe Hadsall, a magician and editor, spoke with Adam for 20 minutes about the devastation, survival story and aftermath. Hear all about it from the man himself in this amazing interview. Through it all, Joe has kept his sense of humor and is lucky to have his family with him:

Exclusive Jolpin Tornado Interview

Joe asks that if you want to help, to please send cash donations to the Red Cross.

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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