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Body Language and Influence in Sales Speaker

"The Magic of Body Language: It's no Illusion" is an in depth training program and keynote program by me, Rich Ferguson. It's designed for sales people and managers alike. Programs run up to 2.5 hours and include the fundamentals of body language and human behavior before digging deeper into shift of behavior and how to capitalize on opportunities. Once we are familiar with the various aspects of body language, we shift to influence and NLP and how it can dramatically improve your sales, life and relationships. It covers all these areas in an order than makes sense and is digestible by complete novices and intriguing by those quite familiar with human behavior. I can guarantee you have not looked at body language this way before. Why? It's because it's my technology based on real-wrold application, observation and survival.

Curious what subtle messages you might be sending that you shouldn't?
Interested in knowing how to adjust in sticky situations or when to walk away?
Want to know how to CLOSE THE DEAL?
Do you want to outsell your competition? 

These are just a few areas that scratch the surface of what's possible with my real-world approach to body language, influence and psychology of sales. As an award winning mentalist and magician, I've adopted certain skills and methods that work. This is not theoretical psychological guess work that leaves you wondering what to do. I share techniques and principles based on common sense and human tendencies. I share exactly what I use to capitalize on opportunities and persuade people to help create those opportunities. 

Consider having me at your next retreat or convention. Having me as your specialized expert in body language and psychology is fun. You are treated to a coupe psychological tricks and learn how these techniques are the complete backbone to HOW I do what I do as a mentalist. In addition to the training, I'm there for you and your staff as the entertainer for the after parties in the event you have one. I make the experience of learning heavy material quite engaging and fun. Here's a fun video followed by just a few of the hundreds of slides in the full program

Did you know that when someone shakes your hand and brings up a bag, purse, folder or some sort of object between you, that they are subconsciously blocking you. It could be from fear, intimidation, lack of confidence or a variety of reasons. My full program will give you the tools to decipher exactly what it means based on each situation. It's all about what I call a "shift in behavior."

Here's an important question regrading the misuse of power. Have you ever sat on the other side of your desk? You might be surprised at what you discover. Think of it this way; you are already in the power position since someone is entering your office and sitting across from you. It's essentially your territory. Why is it then that so many people offer a seat to a worker or potential client that is uncomfortable? Uncomfortable how? There are numerous reasons. Here's just one example: The person on the left is sitting at the bosses large, intimidating table and has to be crowded by all those personal items. It might look good from the bosses side, but it psychologically puts the other person in a position that is not inviting or comfortable. You will get 35% less out of a person put in this position. 

There is a huge difference between confidence and dominance. These are often misused in daily life, dating, business, sales and more. In this picture, the guy on the left is dominating me by forcing my palm to turn upwards and literally taking "the upper hand."  In the program, I discuss many ways to deal with or avoid these sitautions. You will learn the strategy to body language and see it in a new light. For instance, I can regain the power in this position by simply stepping forward and initiating an invasion of the other person's space a bit. On the other hand, you may choose to do nothing except take note of this persons controlling intentions! The simple fact that you are now aware gives you the upper hand in negotiating. 

Along the way, you get some great tips to deciphering truths. For instance, in this next photo, notice the difference in how I shrug. On the left, I shrug with two shoulders. Subconsciously, I've revealed that I likely do not know. However, on the right, I've revealed that I know much, much more and am not interested in telling you. A single shrug may reveal some deception. We visit a tremendous amount of easy to spot positions pertaining to hand movements, finger movements, facial expressions, shift of feet and much more. 

I've developed a whole new take on body language called Shift in Behavior. In my line of work as a mentalist and magician, I have to be a step ahead of people or my effects or demonstrations will not work. I must gain knowledge of what someone is truly thinking regardless of the acting they are putting on. In my explorations and growth as a mentalist, I realized that all the books and common knowledge regarding body language was missing a key point. What's that? Body language means very little without context! For instance, someone has their arms crossed at a party. It might mean a dozen things if the arms where already crossed when you arrive to the person. However, if they crossed their arms after you said something, that might be a strong sign that you caused it. What you do with that information depends on your strategy. We talk about influence and strategy.  

There is a lot going on in this simple picture. Without a full seminar, I can simplify it by revealing that the girl is enjoying whatever the guy on the right is dishing out. Her arms and palms are upwards, revealing a very strong subconscious sign of security and attraction. It's a vulnerable position to be in and nobody would every turn their hands upwards if they were uncomfortable or not interested in whatever message you were feeding them. 

I bet you'd think the guy on the right is the confident one. You'd be wrong. The guy on the right is flexing to purposefully convey he's "confident." How do I know? Look at how much room he is trying to take up. He's trying to appear big and confident. Secondly, the smile appears to be forced. Thirdly, his thumbs vanished. That's right! His thumbs vanished. On the picture to the left, he is leaning forward a bit, revealing a strong interest and engagement. His thumbs are also upward, revealing a strong sign of confidence. In the full training, we cover so many misinterpretations like this. The goal is to help you avoid loosing sales or not seeing doors that are wide open for you. I will show you how to capitalize on opportunities... or avoid assumptions. 

Here's a shot from the various photos in the program explaining things as subtle as thumb placement. In these shots, the man is showing high confidence due to the thumbs being exposed or upward. 

One of the most fundamental aspects of body language is determining the difference between dominance and confidence. It is not okay to be controlled. However, it's entirely fine to be in close proximity to someone that exudes power or confidence. In fact, it's attractive. Knowing the difference is very simple and we cover dozens of scenarios. This simple handshake below reveals a tremendous amount about someone's intentions. The guy offers his hand face up and allows the girl to have the "upper hand." She will "feel" like he can be trusted, is there for her needs and will listen. However, if the girl turned him to this same position, it means something entirely different. It would reveal that she is taking strong control, asserting her dominance (not confidence), revealing that he is not equal to her, and revealing the he is weak. The two roads will end in very different sales, relationships and negotiations. I reveal how to notice these behaviors easily and how to adjust for them. 

Did you know it's not uncommon for people to mingle at a business function with a stack of businesses cards in their hand? Do you realize, if you do this, that the message being subtly sent to those you give your card to is, "I do not care about your services. I just care about getting my card into your hand." Be careful of the intention you might be sending. An important aspect of body language is realizing what message you might be sending, intentional or not. Many more warning signs and tips are shared within my programs. 

I've created two simple golden rules for body language and here are the basic two rules for influence. In short, you must observe and read people before you can influence them. Otherwise, you are just pushing your agenda without any care of their needs or interest in absorbing what you have to offer. With simple observation, you can adjust your strategy or message to be accepted by someone who would not have otherwise been receptive. The real magic of body language and influence is putting those arts together to help with your goals, sales or relationships. 

There are many forms of influence from right and left brain conflict, association, conditioning, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to visualization and more. Here's a simple point about the power of visualization. A parent might tell a child, "Do not knock that glass over!" In the very act of saying what you do not want, you paint the picture in the kids mind of a glass being knocked over. You see, the brain can not decipher negatives. If I asked you to NOT think of a dog, you'd think of a dog. Therefore, you can realize that it's just as much the parent fault for a glass being knocked over as it is the kids. A glass might have been precariously placed or a child might have been roughhousing... but the kid never was hoping or thinking of knocking a glass over. What's a simple remedy? It's as easy as asking what you want. For instance, "Hold that glass securely." Painting a picture of what you want is essential in influence. 

There's many areas where we can see how we reduce our success in deals. Here's just an example of how common language has negative results. There are subtle suggestions and influence in how we phrase things. It also reveals someone's arrogance, dominance, comfort, respect and much more by how we structure our points. See the examples below for some insight. 

The holy grail of influence is NLP (your re-framing of information). We discuss the many forms and uses of NLP, the framework and strategy. Here's a basic form of structure that will give you great results in business and sales. I give you the tools to avoid situations or capitalize on opportunities. We dive into several type of uses and structures of NLP. 

Finally, the program ends with some humorous common sense... or lack thereof!

We have just scratched the surface of how a program like mine can help you in sales and I hope I can talk to you more at a convention, retreat, training seminar or sales meeting soon. I've have a unique perspective of how body language works with influence. From learning to read at the late age of 12 and having to learn to be a step ahead of people to having a career in the arts of magic and metalism, I truly believe I can help you and others see the science of human behavior in a powerful new way. Let me join you and show how revealing the world is around us. 

Please visit my official site to book me or discuss details. I hope this introduction was useful, fun and intriguing.

Thanks, RICH Ferguson, aka "The Ice Breaker"

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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Share SLO - San Luis Obispo Ambassador

The ShareSLO Ambassador for San Luis Obispo is getting exciting! ShareSLO is a unique marketing campaign to "share" everything about "SLO" with tourists and be a vessel for attracting tourism dollars via interviews, videos, social media and much more. Even Christopher Walker is chiming in;)  See the hilarious ShareSLO video on my facebook page or below.

(update: Voting is over) Who do YOU think should be the first ever Ambassador to the Central Coast? Listen to Christopher Walken and learn what makes a good candidate... then go VOTE for Rich Ferguson:

On a side note, where do you think this shot is taken?

See the full video on my facebook

People are having a great time trying to promote themselves. I thought I'd make a couple fun videos to promote ShareSLO as well. Here's a magical story that shares why I'd make a great Ambassador for San Luis Obispo! You might watch it a couple times and listen for the triple meanings in there. As "simple" as this trick is, it's a bit of a tongue twister! Enjoy and share with friends!

I truly believe I'm suited perfectly for this unique ShareSLO Ambassadorship. If you feel I have the skills and have proven myself previously to this competition, please VOTE FOR ME daily and ask your friends to vote as well.

All my best, RICH Ferguson

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