Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Magic Resolution Trickery

It's here again! Just like magic, another year has vanished! All the holiday parties have ended and it's the rush week of people trying to make commitments to themselves about work, responsibilities, smoking, weight loss, etc. Why do people wait until January 1st to push to change and stay on track all at once? Wouldn't it be much easier to just be the same as you had been in the days prior to New Years (or whenever your resolution kicks in)?

Well, here's a "magic trick" to beat the "system"! That' right... I've discovered a loophole in logic, resolutions, New Years, effort, commitment, etc.  Here's the trick; Pick a date only a couple days from now to start your resolution. Announce to the world and yourself that, on that date, you will simply "stay the same" by doing exactly what you have been doing. Sounds impossible? What am I talking about? Have I gone nuts? NOPE. Here's the very simple catch. Workout, eat right, have fun, be responsible, don't smoke, have lots of loving, enjoy the magic of life to it's fullest, work hard, start projects or WHATEVER it is you NEED to change TODAY. Then simply do it for a few days. You can do that, right? Then, when your resolution date comes up, you can avoid the need to "change" and simply commit to being exactly the same! Doesn't that sound a lot easier without the added pressure of a new year, change, scheduling and the drama associated with the start of the year? Another added benefit of starting today is that you have a few days to ramp up to meet your goals as apposed to starting cold turkey. Intense, physical workout changes or dietary changes might be dangerous for some. Why not ramp up to your goal over the next few days?!

I know you might have been looking for a magic pill to change your life, but this is a start! This week, I'm going to commit to working out, protecting and strengthening some past injuries of mine. On New Years, I'll have to commit to nothing more than staying the same... while watching others stress about taking big steps and the pressure of changing and doing what they need to do.

Does this sound familiar? - What are you doing for your resolution Bob? "Well, I'm going to try to stop smoking today..."  That's crazy, I say! If Bob would have stopped smoking for a couple days prior, he could have simply told himself and others, "I'm going to just stay on the track I'm on. I'm perfectly happy with my current direction." Now Bob has to hear, "Oh, wow, that's a tough one... Good luck. I tried before but it only lasted a few weeks."

I know it is all just semantics to some, but if you really do want to make some positive changes, you might want to "trick" the system and start NOW. I personally believe waiting is the first sign of not committing 100%. Don't you deserve to start today?

Well, anyway you slice it, pound it, change it, do it, I wish you a very prosperous and successful, magical New Year!

This has been a remarkable year. Thanks for all the support and referrals!
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lives of Illusion - Life of a Magician

Living on the Central Coast is like Magic! If you have been under a rock and unaware of the blockbuster waves of Harry Potter movies, here's a little story The Tribune did about magicians on the Central Coast of California. The story was a tie in to the end of an epic series of magical stories. If you are looking for magical entertainment for children, companies or VIP events, this story does a nice job of describing the types of magic for different events.

In addition, if you are interested in getting magic as a gift for someone, please view my official online magic store full of cards, dvds and book on the subject.  If you are interested in learning more about magic clubs, performing and more, check out these magic links.  Lastly, if you just want to try some tricks out through your computer, try these tricks!

Here's wishing you all a magical Holiday Season!  - The Ice Breaker

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pick Up Lines and Magic?

Pick Up Lines... Pick-up Lines... Pickup Lines... Lines! Anyway you slice it, people sure have a preconceived notions about them.  They seem to love them or hate them.  Perhaps, they have never been exposed to a variety of styles or uses. Let's face it, it is not the line that usually annoys us! It's usually the person. From Poetry to really BAD "lines", men have courted women using words to get attention in some way for centuries. I'm certainly not saying that pick up lines have the same artistic value as poetry! I'm just saying that the purpose and lines to hit on girls has been around forever.

Pick up lines range in style, taste and function as do most things. There are (in one's opinion) horrible music and wonderful music. To each his own. There is always something for everyone. 

Here's an example of some pick up lines you might love, laugh at or be offended by(or use today!). These lines were taken out of "Tricks to Pick Up Chicks". This book is loaded with lines, magic, psychology and so much more. Check it out at http://www.DatingTricksRevealed.com

Of course, this book explains how to deliver these lines in the correct frame of mind and why you need to just be yourself. You have to be able to laugh at how bad a line is if it obviously a "line". In other cases, they can truly be an ice breaker as seen in the Sugar Packet example. The lines don't contain the "magic", you do! Have fun and spread the word about this unique and fun book. It's a perfect gift for teenagers and single men of any age.

Pick Up Lines:
"Well, here I am, what are your other two wishes?"

Pick up a pack of sugar that actually says, "sugar" on it then say, "You dropped your name tag!" Immediately laugh with her and do a trick with it.

If you see a woman with a Guess shirt on take a guess at her breast size and say something like, "Hmm, I'm guessing 32- C?"

"I came over here because I noticed you were staring at my butt."- when she wasn't.

"I bet you $20 you're gonna turn me down." 

"I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you."

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."

Lines if She Blows You Off
"I may not be the best looking guy in here, but I'm the only one talking to you."

If she says something to get you to check out, say, "That's what every girl says that’s into me. Can't you get an original line?"

Lines if She Blows Someone Else Off (and you move in...)
"Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go."

You get the idea! To see tons of magic tricks, bar bets, lines, body language and much more, view the book!  It's available at www.TheIceBreaker.com, www.DatingTricksRevealed.com or at www.Amazon.com

Monday, December 6, 2010

Stocking Stuffer - Holiday Gift Idea For Single Guys

Share the Magic of the Holidays Season with a Magical Stocking Stuffer! If you need to get a gift for a teenaged boy or know a single guy of any age, our Tricks Book is the perfect gift under $20.

Presented by Magician Rich "The Ice Breaker" Ferguson with Introduction by Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, guys will certainly get a kick out of the fun content of "Tricks to Pick Up Chicks".  Now hold on!- This is not some lame pick-up artist or seduction book! Nope... this is great for any age or skill level.  It's the book that makes it possible to entertain Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere! It's packed with Magic Tricks, Quick Ice-Breakers, Pick-Up Lines, Riddles, Psychology, Body Language and much more.
It's hard to find a holiday gift that any teenage boy would love. Well, look no further. Using magic, betcha's, ice-breakers and personality has never been so popular. Magic and Psychology is seen by people like David Blaine and Criss Angle as well as a regular theme on shows like Lie To Me, How I Met Your Mother and The Mentalist. Look at the official site and see for yourself all the great content of this book and wonderful stocking stuffer. Please check out http://www.DatingTricksRevlealed.com.  Wether someone is single or not, this book is packed with wonderful tricks anyone can have a blast with. It's "wife approved!"

Here's a peek at the sections of the book:
Quick Tricks • Ice Breakers • Pick Up Lines • Comebacks • Card Tricks • Money Magic • Mind Reading Tricks • Bar Bets • Impromptu Magic Tricks • Scams • Tricks with Wingman • Scams with Wingman • Hit On Set Ups • Gestures • Expressions • Non-Verbal Communication • Dating Tips • Personal Tips • Psychology

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