Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Koei-Kan Karate-Do... protect those hands!

I just can't help it, I have to pursue another style of martial art. Koei-Kan is a very intense and high contact style of traditional Japanese karate. Myself and my family were highly involved in martial arts when I was younger and after many, many years of worrying about my "pretty" hands, I've decided to join a dojo locally (actually Chuck Liddell's home/discipline for 12 years!). I'll do my best to keep my hands injury free... and am looking forward to more exercise and life balance. With 2.5 hour classes, I'll be in great shape in no time;)! I really like how the focus is on the art and students and not endless colors of belts and money making practices like some "gyms". This style has only 3 colors of belts under black: white, green, brown. In some styles, you can "earn" a black-belt in a year or more(more of the sport and exhibition styles). In more traditional and intense styles, expect many years between belts at times. My good friend Hieko is a brown belt in a style that has a 2 year minimum between rankings and 8 years between degrees of black-belts! Talk about a life time commitment! When I turn 40 in 2010, I want to back in Olympic level shape! Wish me luck!

If interested, check out We are looking for another couple adult students and he in excited to have a newly expanded junoir program too! The instructor is Larry Rhodes, also a professional photographer... Check out his art at

...and remember, you better "pick a card"... and not pick on me!;)