Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Magic Resolution Trickery

It's here again! Just like magic, another year has vanished! All the holiday parties have ended and it's the rush week of people trying to make commitments to themselves about work, responsibilities, smoking, weight loss, etc. Why do people wait until January 1st to push to change and stay on track all at once? Wouldn't it be much easier to just be the same as you had been in the days prior to New Years (or whenever your resolution kicks in)?

Well, here's a "magic trick" to beat the "system"! That' right... I've discovered a loophole in logic, resolutions, New Years, effort, commitment, etc.  Here's the trick; Pick a date only a couple days from now to start your resolution. Announce to the world and yourself that, on that date, you will simply "stay the same" by doing exactly what you have been doing. Sounds impossible? What am I talking about? Have I gone nuts? NOPE. Here's the very simple catch. Workout, eat right, have fun, be responsible, don't smoke, have lots of loving, enjoy the magic of life to it's fullest, work hard, start projects or WHATEVER it is you NEED to change TODAY. Then simply do it for a few days. You can do that, right? Then, when your resolution date comes up, you can avoid the need to "change" and simply commit to being exactly the same! Doesn't that sound a lot easier without the added pressure of a new year, change, scheduling and the drama associated with the start of the year? Another added benefit of starting today is that you have a few days to ramp up to meet your goals as apposed to starting cold turkey. Intense, physical workout changes or dietary changes might be dangerous for some. Why not ramp up to your goal over the next few days?!

I know you might have been looking for a magic pill to change your life, but this is a start! This week, I'm going to commit to working out, protecting and strengthening some past injuries of mine. On New Years, I'll have to commit to nothing more than staying the same... while watching others stress about taking big steps and the pressure of changing and doing what they need to do.

Does this sound familiar? - What are you doing for your resolution Bob? "Well, I'm going to try to stop smoking today..."  That's crazy, I say! If Bob would have stopped smoking for a couple days prior, he could have simply told himself and others, "I'm going to just stay on the track I'm on. I'm perfectly happy with my current direction." Now Bob has to hear, "Oh, wow, that's a tough one... Good luck. I tried before but it only lasted a few weeks."

I know it is all just semantics to some, but if you really do want to make some positive changes, you might want to "trick" the system and start NOW. I personally believe waiting is the first sign of not committing 100%. Don't you deserve to start today?

Well, anyway you slice it, pound it, change it, do it, I wish you a very prosperous and successful, magical New Year!

This has been a remarkable year. Thanks for all the support and referrals!
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