Friday, September 13, 2013

Inside a magician's mind - MSN video

Check out this great MSN video - Inside a magician's mind

MSN contacted me to see if I could be their magician for a 18 part series called "From the Streets" based around unique people or entertainers around the country. Since I came "from the streets" before being adopted so to speak, it was a perfect fit. Of course, I agreed. It's a short and sweet clip, but was super fun to make that afternoon. Santa Monica has a lot of great people to mess with! Let's face it, 90 degrees out, beautiful people, tourist trap... equals easy pickings;)

Here's me and some of the crew form who was hired to do this series "From the Streets" for MSN. This was shot in Santa Monica, California on the popular 3rd street promenade.

As always, please consider bringing me in for your next exclusive private party or corporate event! Hiring "The Ice Breaker" to interact with your special guests makes your event unique, fun and memorable!

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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