Monday, June 21, 2010

Snoop Dogg gets some Magic

Last night was a blast hanging out on stage with all the guys from Snoop Dogg. Here's a shot from after the show backstage. I spent the entire afternoon doing magic with the VIP's and having fun with old friends.

The sold out concert was held out in the country sticks…a place called Pozo. Held at the Pozo Saloon. Awesome lineup of bands with a high quality VIP area where I entertained all of Snoop Dogg's posse all day. We played pool, ate lots of good food, watched drunk girls remove clothing, did lots of magic and enjoyed perfect weather. It always amazes me how people who should have seen it all completely loose their lunch over ambitious card routines and mind reading! Variations of Tagged and book tests went well as they seemed extremely freaked out by mental magic. Another "highlight" was lighting Carlos's (Snoop Drummer) cigarette with a five foot flame from my finger tips! The whole VIP area freaked out as he leaned in to light his cigarette. I also gave some of the guys my decks of cards to play with on the ride up to Canada while they go on tour. It was a highly successful event and was pleased the promoters thought to bring me in.

Several area bands opened for Rebelution who opened for Snoop Dogg. It was awesome to stand on stage with Ron Jeremy and a couple other crew members and watch the show from that perspective. Gotta love being VIP! Interestingly, I met both Ron Jeremy and Snoop Dogg at the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show around 1994. Ron and I had lunch and talked about the Man Show days and his place near the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

After the event, certain couple and many girls where hand picked by security to come back for autographs. They were quite clear that no individual pictures would be taken so watching the scramble of people trying to create groups of 3 or more was fun. Seeing girls working the angles to get near any of us for phone numbers was insane.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mark & Brian Radio Show Get Magic

I've had maybe hundreds of interviews for poker, magic, etc over the years, been on national televisions, etc... but something about Mark & Brian is exciting since I've listened to them for so long. Here's the interview about my newest book incase you missed it on June 14, 2010.

They are nationally syndicated but you can listen to them on their site as well:

You can get the book at my site at