Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Party Entertainment

It's Holiday Party time already!? You have to be kidding me!  It's time to scramble to find entertainment and fun things to do with guests! Well, here's an easy piece to the puzzle...

If you're having (or know of someone having) a nice holiday party, consider the importance and FUN of having "The Ice Breaker" mingle with guests! It's important to have something unique and fun for guests to experience at holiday parties... they cant just sit around and listen to the boss talk about next years projections or painfully sit through another bucket of tickets to be drawn for prizes. People want to relax, laugh, eat and mingle... and be entertained!

Mingling magic, sleight of hand, strolling magic, interactive magic, close-up magic... or whatever you want to call it, is ideal for holiday parties where people are gathering for several hours to socialize, mingle and have a good time. It's the best way to get outside spouses or guests to start a conversation with coworkers. Interactive magic slaps people around mentally (in a very positive and fun way) and gives people a chance to laugh or freak out together! Once the magician find his next group, the last group immediately starts comparing notes and breaking the ice on their own... it's like magic!

You do not want to hire a "cheesy magician" who is just going to shove tricks on guests or interrupt them... No. You want someone that knows how to HELP get people talking with sophisticate, modern magic with personality. You want someone who guests WANT to entertain them. You want an experienced professional that can scan a room and find a couple people that need some excitement... or a person left alone at a table... or a group of high energy people to make explode!  Beware of an amateur entertainer who's goal is to trick people instead of make the even memorable and exciting.

"The Ice Breaker" (Magician and Mentalist Rich Ferguson) is not the "show" but rather the icing on the cake to tie it all together. It's subtle but powerful entertainment that leaves a huge impression on people!

See for yourself how fun it is to let "The Ice Breaker" loose at your holiday party or special event!  It does not matter if it is in a private home, business or event facility. Just add guests and let the magic happen!

Besides national and international recognition, Rich was voted as "Best Entertainer" regionally. Pamper your guests with something unique and interactive in addition to whatever you have planned!

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