Saturday, January 19, 2013

ShareSLO Ambassador

Heard of the ShareSLO Contest and Ambassador? Let me "share" what it's all about.

The city of San Luis Obispo, in conjunction with Rosetta, is doing a very exciting project called ShareSLO. Check out their website ( for full details about the unique ambassadorship for my central California town! Essentially, the ambassador (maybe ME) is a person who lives in "SLO" and has great social influence. The ambassador will share hidden gems, businesses and our "SLO lifestyle" with the world via social media, interviews, contests and more. It's being called the Best Job in the Happiest Town in America.

Do you recall the famous "The Best Job in the World" in 2009 that was promoted by the Tourism Queensland in Australia? They offered an amazing job to live on an island near the Great Barrier Reef for a half of a year. The winner created a worldwide buzz about tourism to the Great Barrier Reef using social media, videos and interviews. There were over 34, 000 applicants from around the globe! Similarly, the city of San Luis Obispo is going to promote our magical city with this unique type of job and publicity campaign. San Luis Obispo is a great town to attempt this!

San Luis Obispo is a magical place indeed!

Please follow ShareSLO!

My 90 second video submission:

(Update: VOTING IS OVER) Wish me luck and visit the ShareSLO contest to VOTE daily for me starting January 25, 2013-February 18, 2013. The top 10 entries will be accepted to be interviewed for this part time position.

Here's just a few reasons I'd be a great candidate for the project:

My creative interests and social influence makes me a great candidate. Being a public figure in and out of the area would be useful for opening doors to more access, interviews and exposure. Speaking of exposure, I made Google's most searched list for 2012 and created over 100 million views of bubble gum alley! Social media and video exposure is a crucial component to the success of this position and I've been in the forefront of it for many years.

Although my job as an entertainer takes me all over the world, I chose to live on the Central Coast, I'm very proud of it. I've lived here for over 30 years and it's important to utilize someone for this project who has vast knowledge of the hidden treasures throughout our county. I'd love to generate more tourism for hotels, shops, rentals and restaurants. I'd plan to work with small business and people like you to help with interviews and unique stories. I also plan to create a highly engaged YouTube channel, contests and challenges to drive additional traffic to the shareslo sites and make this a highly social and interactive experience for everyone.

This project fits my abilities perfectly and that I will do a great job for SLO, you or your business. I'd love to have what they are calling the "Best job in the happiest city in America." Please vote for Rich Ferguson as your SHARESLO ambassador. "Sharing the Magic of SLO"

Here's a segment our local NBC/KSBY ran which shares some additional details if interested! 

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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