Monday, July 25, 2011

Corporate Magician Trade Show Pitchman

Most large companies are involved with Trade Shows and Corporate Events at some point. For many, Trade Shows are an ongoing part of business. Sadly, we have all seen boring booths with sales people who are so eager to push their info that nobody stops to listen! Attendees quickly snatch whatever free junk they are giving away and run! Well, luckily for smart businesses, there is a solution to making a strong impact and being remembered.  It's magic!

Really. I mean magic as in magician Rich Ferguson! Let's face it, the main goal of a trade show is to:

Get Leads and Crowds - One of the biggest advantages of using a corporate magician for a variety of trade show booths is gaining a crowd! Crowds do so much for a company. Sales teams can easily gather more leads. Crowds make you look like you have something worth sticking around for. Crowds cause more crowds.

Be Remembered - Using a product or company message within a magic effect becomes much more memorable than if presented by a company sales person.  Everyone is intrigued by magic and learning about your product in an entertaining way does not feel like a sales pitch.

Impress Other Companies - Posturing is often the goal of large companies and having a magician on your side is essential. It's about attraction. If your booth looks like people are interested, those key business partners and companies you are hoping to impress behind the scenes will notice that attendees seem to like what you are about... and will tend to like it too!

Look Like you Have Something Exciting to Offer - Similar to impressing other companies, just looking like you have something unique or exciting causes people to stick around. This is why crowds start to form to begin with. Magic has a way of bringing people together and making the experience fun.

Get Company Messages and Product Information to Attendees - Of course, the magicians job at a trade  show is to pitch something. The creative thinking behind making magic effects is directly related to pitching a product. A skilled magician or mentalist has the know-how to build effects around your specific message or product and be your specialized product pitchman.

Creative Consulting - It's been proven time and time again that magicians are the best at strategizing, psychology and creative thinking. As seen on numerous TV specials, magicians are used as examples for sales, psychology and as masters of opening people's eyes to fresh ideas. Sometimes, using Rich for creative consulting is just as important as a pitch itself.

After Parties are a Blast - "Personally, my favorite part of corporate work is my ability to blow the minds of VIPs at after parties or CEO parties. It takes a special set of skills to impact the elite in society. I've been flown around the world just to be let loose at these parties with no connection to the trade show floor whatsoever! It's highly engaging, memorable and fun."

These are just some of the benefits of using a creative magician as a pitchman for your company trade show or corporate event. Sure, supermodels, sports-cars and freebies are awesome eye candy and attention getting, but they do not pitch your message and are forgotten moments later in the crazy buzz of the trade show floor!

Of course, there are some small exceptions;) Who wouldn't check out a new radio from JVC installed in this car? Now that you are done looking at Arianny or this sports car, take a peek at our corporate magic video:

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