Monday, July 13, 2009

Villa De Buena Vista Wedding

What an amazing venue and private estate and Bed and Breakfast... located in a hidden area right in Paso Robles. This was an awesome group of people, wedding pros and guests. Easy, fun, relaxed and rewarding for all. The evening started off with about an hour of casual mingling before the main ceremony began. I am finding this to be more common and it is nice to have people get a light drink and meet a bit before feeling like they have to rush to a seat! After the ceremony, people could mingle at the dinner tables or in the courtyard which was catered with snacks and drink... and entertainment by yours truly (The Ice Breaker). The DJ was awesome, the food was incredible, the venue was perfect.

I wanted to share something amazing that I learned the day of the wedding... The groom has lots of family and brothers to carry on the family name. The bride didn't, so the groom took on the name of the brides family to carry it on! How amazing is that? It seemed a little confusing at first, then it hits. What a great man. Her dad, Jeff, had to be so proud.

Doing magic for them friends and family was nice because there was plenty of time before the ceremony to break the ice and plenty of time before the dancing... and having an entire area devoted to cocktail tables just makes life more fun for everyone!

Here are the main players!

Bride: Fallon Hookailo
Groom: Rafael Perez
Caterer: Cahoots
DJ: Beau Kramer, Kramer Entertaiment
Photographer: Melissa Valdez
Officiant: Jerry Hanson
Location: Villa De Buena Vista, Patti Youngclause, Nancy filled in for her as site manager

Congratulations again to all that was involved in such a intimate and magical night.