Thursday, August 22, 2013

Collins Key Magician America's Got Talent

If you watch America's Got Talent, you certainly know the name and face of Collins Key! He took America by storm with his amazing auditions with mental magic. Unlike large, glamourous acts, Collins charms and defies logic with seemingly everyday, simple items. From predictions and influence to magic and sleight of hand, this kid is someone to keep on eye on! Isn't it refreshing to see a fun magic act by someone just being themselves? No Glitter, no hype.

After a couple days of brainstorming in the "secret lair"
I'm so proud to see him attack this pressure and television show engine like a pro. I can tell you first hand, as their creative consultant behind the scenes, that he has everything it takes to be the next superstar of magic. He has the hole package: hard work ethic you have to see to believe, supportive family, serious chops (that's magic talk for being a bad ass with your hands!), connection with fans and ridiculous charm and looks. Did I mention he's 6'4"?! In fact, he shut down the AGT twitter feed from so much female attraction. Very rarely does a contestant start of on a show as a completely unknown and generate this type of following so rapidly. Keep in mind he just turned 17. The host of AGT, Nick, said he's like the Justin Bieber of magic.
Check out his facebook on AGT
Collin's before it all took off. He aint a bad editor either!

If you do not watch AGT, here's some of the early auditions before he went to the finals. Trust me, there's a lot more in store with Collins. You've seen nothing yet.

Watch a dollar vanish to a popcorn bag:

Watch a chosen page from a book transport to an envelope:

A premonition appears in the most impossible place:

Using magic to get a date:

Collins smashes a $250,000 watch and alters time:

At AGT Finals. A YouTube Prediction:

At AGT Finals. Collins gets cards to switch in judges mouths:

And the show end with a new twist on some old tricks!

Check out Collin's Official Site
(UPDATE: As you very well may know, Collins made the top 6 finals day. We learn tonight the results!... The results are in and he made #5 in 2013! Not bad for a young, new magician!! We are going to see some great things from him in the future! You'll see;))

You can stalk him on twitter here:
You can follow me as well:

So funny - the emails and comments floating around... Listen, I'm proud of Collins Key for PUTTING HIMSELF OUT THERE on AGT at 16, now 17. I/he never said he was the most experienced magician... but he's the only one to make it far (and NO magician has ever made the finals) on the show and he has my respect and support for taking on the challenge and opportunity. So many people sit at home and complain about others who TRY. Get over yourselves, show some respect and wish others well. :) Life is short, support each other and you'll be rewarded.

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