Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Math Trick to Fool Friends

There are a huge variety of self working magic tricks and riddles out there. Some involve clever set ups. Others involve specific movements while some involved specific language. Here's a math trick/riddle that involves just a touch of psychology. Enjoy!

Follow the printed rules and start from the TOP and work your way down quickly. The simple fact that you know there is something going on will make it hard for you to be natural, but simply try.

Isn't it amazing how easily the mind is conditioned?  A simple repeated pattern where we deal with the "thousands" makes it difficult to switch back to the "tenths". I've heard answers such as 5100, 7100, 7200 and of course the near 100% of 5000.  (By the way, the answer is 4100 if this keeps tricking you.)

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Thanks for sharing the magic!

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