Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bridlewood Winery Amazing Race

Bridlewood Winery is "Amazing"! I'm not just saying that because they are the starting point of tonight's Amazing Race on CBS! Read on...
Taken directly from The Amazing Race. This lawn is one
of a couple large open areas at Bridlewood Estate Winery.
I've had the honor of being the VIP party magician at numerous events at Bridlewood Winery. From NLF Hall of Fame parties and movie shoots to company parties and wedding receptions, it's always a top notch affair! I can not say more about the staff, view, location, weather, features and wine at this place. Here's just a few photos of the basics. To see the grape vines, barrel rooms, banquet possibilities and more, go to their website. Even if you are not holding an event and just want to stop by on your way up or down the central coast, it's fabulous! 

Bridlewood Estate Winery
3555 Roblar Avenue,  Santa Ynez, CA 93460
(805) 688-9000

There are a lot of wonderful photo opportunities!
Horse and carriage rides
Beautiful Pond
I love these handcrafted cocktail tables!
Sneaking around the back toward the banquet area
Gorgeous driveway
Plenty of room for picnics
Me arriving in front of this Amazing winery today
on my way back from an event in Santa Barbara
Visit them at

In addition to these photos, I thought I'd share some recent commercials that were filmed at Bridlewood Estate Winery for a nearby casino. Yours truly was in the entire campaign. In the first video, you can see me at the winery barrel room at .04 seconds and again in a nearby ranch riding a horse at .11 seconds. The scenic car scene was on a nearby road. It's a beautiful area indeed.

In the second commercial, you see my hands at the opening pulling out a wine bottle in Bridlewood's wine tasting room. At .04 seconds, you see my hand again holding a glass of wine and finally holding a wine passport filmed in their barrel room.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at a marvelous venue and winery along the central coast of California!  For those who get to catch the Amazing Race, I hope you noticed the winery!

As always, please consider bringing me in for your next exclusive private party or corporate event! Hiring "The Ice Breaker" to interact with your special guests makes your event unique, fun and memorable!

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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