Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oprah calls San Luis Obispo Happiest Place to Live

Ever heard of San Luis Obispo? Maybe you have drove through it and didn't even know! The Oprah Show along with the help of Jenny McCarthy might reveal our secret... dang it! As a magician and entertainer that is based out of this small town along California called San Luis Obispo, people have asked me often, "When are you going to be a big shot in L.A.?" or "Why do you live in a small town with no major VIP events or conventions? Why don't you go to Las Vegas?"
Well, if the Oprah Show that airs today does not answer this question, then nothing ever will! Watch the interview with Jenny McCarthy as she visits SLO:

San Luis Obispo is a magical place because I can think clearly, breath easily and live in nearly perfect weather year round. There are numerous pros and cons to living places but I am not much on sacrificing my physical or mental health. Getting to my various events might take a little more effort, but the payoff to return home is worth it. I get to be paid to do what I love, travel the world working the best exclusive parties and get to come back to this magical place! By the way, if you know of an event and want to let me loose on your guests to have a blast, reach out to me anytime at my official website

Thanks SLO Chamber, Oprah and Jenny! ... And a special kudos to all those local "stars", which I knew all of just like the video mentioned. It's a small city and we know it- and better yet, we know each other.

Also, if you are interested in San Luis Obispo Real Estate, check with my wife Traci Ferguson. Her site is loaded with free tools to help you as well.

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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Bloom Diva said...

If any of us every question why, today erases any hint of doubt. 72 degrees of perfection in January, I almost feel bad to say it considering what the rest of the country is dealing with.

Amazing, crazy talented, wonderful people live here and the QOL is just above and beyond. We are so blessed!