Friday, February 4, 2011

Power of 10 Event - Entertainment and Motivation

The entire gang from Power of 10 Event. If you have not heard of this, you WILL! Power of 10 Event presents motivation and messages for kids through an amazing show filled with all sorts of amazing people, athletes, speakers and motivational leaders. Check out

I've had the honor to connect with these wonderful leaders in changing lives and even got to perform magic at their first show for a few VIP's. Kids, families, schools and business partners were all thrilled by their presentation. I hope you get a chance to get your local school district to bring them.

Jeremy Bates, directly to my left.
As Creative Director of the Power of 10 Event, Jeremy's innovation and creativity spearhead this dream team of visionaries. Jeremy is the owner of Revolution Speak, which is founded on his personal principle of HOPE: Helping Other People Everyday.

Jim Rippey, checkered shirt.
Jim Rippey not only does the impossible, he redefines it. As a snowboarder, he invented at least one new trick, the Rippey Flip, and designed his own bestselling snowboard with Burton. Jim also was the first to complete a backflip on a snowmobile.

Team Tempest
A four man team dedicated to applying the power and force of a storm to their passion for freerunning. Tempest was set to pursue the dream of making a mark in the freerunning world, by adding style, creativity, and dedicated focus to the sport.

Blair Rusin, tank top.
Blair is an amazing artist, musician and ardent snowboarder who combines his love for life with his love of art. He was born in New York, studied art in Italy, and can usually be found in the air- over a slope of snow.

Last, but not least, the founder, Jim Richardson seen directly to my right.

From music, magic, dance, life stories, art and much more, there is something for everyone! Here's wishing Power of 10 Event much success.

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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