Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mini Judges Americas Got Talent

If you caught America's Got Talent on August 16th, 2011, you might have been glued to the screen when three little kids that looked like the judges appeared during an illusion! Seth Grabel just finished his Wild Card performance where a Delorean appeared on stage - then the doors opened and three cute little "mini-me judges" crawled out. They stood there posing as Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel - the judges from America's Got Talent. When the host, Nick Cannon, of AGT asked the little girl her name, she simply replied, "Hello Darling..." in a perfect Sharon tone. It was perfect TV in the making. 

Now, I happen to be friends and was involved with a couple contestants this year and I can tell you that the comment from little four year old was pure awesomeness and not rehearsed as much of reality TV is these days. Two of the kids happen to be the children of an amazing creative consultant, Bart Rockett. This is what Bart has posted about the kids. "Mini Howie is played by Kadan Rockett - 5 who has a full head of hair and went through nearly 4 hours of makeup. His sister Brooklyn Rockett - 4 plays Mini Sharon & Charlie Hartman -5 plays Mini Piers. All are child actors represented by Sha'Lin Talent in Burbank, CA. You can see what Kadan & Brooklyn Rockett really look like by searching their names on youtube and seeing their videos! It's funny."

Here's a fun shot of the after party with some of the gang. 
It was a fast paced trip, but fun to be involved. I'm sad to see both my guys out of the running now. 

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