Friday, May 25, 2012

Motivational Speaker Magic Maker

My Magic Makermotivational speaking program geared toward youth organizations has "appeared!" What is a Magic Maker™?

"Anyone who makes a difference in someone's life is a Magic Maker™. As Magic Makers™, our job is to help kids overcome obstacles, embrace challenges and help foster their Magic, whatever that is. Life experience builds street smarts and common sense, skills that make the kids we work with shine if we help. Helping them discover their Magic in life, along with an attitude that challenges are essential, gives them purpose and identity." 

Revisit some ideas shared by Magician Rich Ferguson, hear his story and see how his observations may make a big impact on the Magic in your life and the kids we work with.

As a successful magician and individual that has a story that surprises people, the direction of this program came together naturally. Magic Maker™ has a wonderful framework around the Magic of life, attitude, discovery, intelligence and how important our jobs are when supporting with each other and the youth we try to help. I share my story of survival and insight on how I believe we can work to open doors for kids who have doors shut in their faces unnecessarily. 

Survival Story

If you break down what anyone really wants, it's purpose and identity. I explore ways to stop getting in the way of this process.

This 1.5-2 hour motivational program or keynote presentation is geared toward organizations that work with teens and kids in protective care, social services, at-risk academies and similar. However, the overall message can be presented to kids directly or people of all walks of life. It's all about embracing challenge and finding your Magic. Too often, the way society forces kids to deal with challenges or "issues" make them feel even more disconnected, ashamed or frustrated. As an expert observer and "survivor", I want to share how this can be different.  Challenges can be awesome and fuel opportunities if we let them.

Challenges Keynote Program

Part of the program focuses on how we can shift our behavior to get amazing results. We can LOOK for opportunities in any situation to help someone explore their magic. In this example below, maybe realizing this child has rhythm and might be expressing a love for music would lead to something that would give him purpose and identity if harnessed correctly. 

Attitude and Motivational Speach

Solution to Issues Motivational Program

Another section focused on an important question: "What is Smarts?" From identifying the power to knowing how to adapt, keen observation and having common sense, we quickly see what a gift it is to be challenged while growing up.

A very fun section of the program is seeing celebrity faces and guessing what they have in common. This following slide, although revealed here, will still surprise you when you see it. There are several sections like this which make the point that we know famous people for what they have driven to accomplish and not "problems" that they may have had earlier in life. It's a choice. Let problems define you and hold you back... or let them be the fuel for greatness. I share my formula.

Motivation Struggle Program

Magic Maker Motivational Message

Of course, as an entertainer, I add a lot of humor and magic to make it a memorable and fun experience. A lot of focus is on common sense and awareness due to the fact that kids that go through a lot have more life experience and smarts than they are given credit for. They are the most observant people in the world in many cases.   We also discuss learning, street smarts and my secret formula to connect with kids and each other.

Funny Common Sense and Awareness in Speach

Magic Maker™ is available for at-risk youth groups, social services, academies, schools and any organizations that want to make a difference in kids and the world around them through shifting stigmas and being positive.  I was lucky enough to make my struggles drive me in a positive direction and accomplish amazing goals. I want to share this secret.

For more information about booking me as a speaker, visit my official site.

Prior to adding motivational speaking with a touch of magic into high gear, I was involved with other organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Social Services and Dream for Kids helping the best I could in intimate and mentoring programs.

Here's a clip from a recent fundraiser and auction for Big Brothers Big Sisters where my "little" surprised me with being one of the speakers!

As always, please consider bringing me in for your next exclusive private party or corporate event! Hiring "The Ice Breaker" to interact with your special guests makes your event unique, fun and memorable!

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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Mark Duin said...

I have seen his magics and he's an amazing guy. I hope one day my little daughter would love to see him.

Mark Duin
Motivational Speaker

ebony brooke said...

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Coach Jaykumar said...

Excellent way of describing!!! Executive coaching help you bring various radical yet positive changes in your professional life
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