Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Share SLO - San Luis Obispo Ambassador

The ShareSLO Ambassador for San Luis Obispo is getting exciting! ShareSLO is a unique marketing campaign to "share" everything about "SLO" with tourists and be a vessel for attracting tourism dollars via interviews, videos, social media and much more. Even Christopher Walker is chiming in;)  See the hilarious ShareSLO video on my facebook page or below.

(update: Voting is over) Who do YOU think should be the first ever Ambassador to the Central Coast? Listen to Christopher Walken and learn what makes a good candidate... then go VOTE for Rich Ferguson: http://a.pgtb.me/frngn2

On a side note, where do you think this shot is taken?

See the full video on my facebook

People are having a great time trying to promote themselves. I thought I'd make a couple fun videos to promote ShareSLO as well. Here's a magical story that shares why I'd make a great Ambassador for San Luis Obispo! You might watch it a couple times and listen for the triple meanings in there. As "simple" as this trick is, it's a bit of a tongue twister! Enjoy and share with friends!

I truly believe I'm suited perfectly for this unique ShareSLO Ambassadorship. If you feel I have the skills and have proven myself previously to this competition, please VOTE FOR ME daily and ask your friends to vote as well.

All my best, RICH Ferguson

Thanks for sharing the magic!

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