Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Levitation

New Levitation-

Rich has invented the most mind-boggling self-levitation to date. Magicians are already waiting to see if Rich's miracle will be performed by someone like David Copperfield or David Blaine or if Rich will wait to unleash it on one of his own television appearances...

The magicians that have had a chance to witness the effect so far have all agreed that it is definitely a "cool", original and clever levitation! Imagine a magician standing within an arms reach of you. The magician is facing you wearing regular clothing and without any shield of any kind begins to levitate over two feet into the air! There is nothing blocking your view of any part of the magician and you can even reach out and help raise and lower the magician with your hands if you would like too. @#$%! The casual presentation and ability to do this off the stage makes this an instant classic.

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