Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top Finalist on NBC's Phenomenon

NBC's Phenomenon (reality show with Criss Angel and Uri Geller) to name top Magicians/Mentalists in the World!-
I can not comment yet about any details about 2007 Fall's NBC reality show called Phenomenon. However, after numerous interviews and auditions, myself and several other lucky finalists have made it to the top 20! Stay tuned... Check out NBC's site about the show.

My style is quite intimate and a little difficult for this type of live "stage" type show... It is amazing I was even in the top after so many months of searching the globe and cutting contestants! Producers picked me as their top 3 for insane effects. "There are only 3 effects that completely baffle us... only three seem to be standing out at his point and you are among that group! You are known as ..." Cool @$#@.

(continued from months earlier)
There was some top talent from all over the world. The show didn't do them justice... It is great to be in the top little group but I am upset that I wasn't picked for the entire gig after being told I was a favorite three... I believe the show needs an intimate performer like me but the NBC execs who met the top 20 thought otherwise. A couple of my effects are so strong that I was requested to make them happen in my last interview. Unfortunately, I was not perfect in my attempt and I think letting me just be myself would have closed the deal in my favor.. but being forced to "perform" specific feats is sort fo silly... It is like seeing a magician take a watch (well NOT seeing them do it) and then asking them to take your watch as you look at the dang thing... the entire point is that you do not know it is coming! This issue with the huge range in styles of magic is a big problem.

Depending on how this season goes and what involvement I have during the show, I'm looking forward to next year. This experience has been great because I am an improv type mentalism/magician and never focused only on mentalism or any sort of planned act. I've come up with some new and wonderful ideas in a short amount of time. So, at least future clients will benefit from this recent shove to be better;) I am really wishing all the top finalist the best of luck. This show is truly had the makings to be quite special for viewers at home... I think it fell a little flat do to some complications with NBC... The producers are awesome and are propbably as frustrated as I am...
same producers of Last Comic Standing which was also on NBC. I joked that they should call it Last Mentalist Thinking!

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